Tree of Life Pet Sanctuary

According to statistics published by the Best Friends Society, over 9000 animals are killed every day unnecessarily.  Animals without homes enter the kill system because of variety of events or situations.   They include, divorce and breakup, death in the family, foreclosure, economic problems, No I. D. and minor behavior problems.


The Tree of Life Pet Sanctuary offers hope for some of these who would otherwise not live.  Providing a place to save these animals was needed and this need is now a mission of the Tree of Life Pet Sanctuary.


In addition, providing a place to learn about pet care, a place to enjoy the trust of animals, and a place to gather for those who love animals, are included in the operational goals.


In sum , the Tree of Life Pet Sanctuary will care for those cats and dogs that are most vulnerable to ending up in a kill shelter. The sanctuary will provide them with the loving home they deserve until such time as they are adopted, and continue caring for them even if they remain un-adopted. Obviously this support extends only to the provision of resources by generous donors and supporting organizations and individuals. Its success depend on people like you to help them live.